Autism Awareness Month

April is autism awareness month

My encouragement to you is to do the following:

Special education programs suffer from a chronic lack of resources. Tell your elected representatives that better funding for education for kids w/ autism is important to you.

Instead of stereotyping, use the Google to expand your knowledge on the subject. It is a spectrum and no 2 peeps w/ autism are the same.

Also, our society tends to ascribes value only in correlation to their ability to be “productive” in an economic sense

This type of ableism often leads to people w/ autism being seen as “less than”

Our economic and social systems are predisposed to view people w/ autism as a “burden” rather than as human beings w/ innate worth.

Do the emotional and intellectual work required to be able to see people w/ autism as equals.

Value and honour their personhood.

Come alongside them in their advocacy for their right to dignity and meaningful participation in society.

Allow awareness to move you towards transformative action.


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