More Than This

I won’t normally going to be sharing music on this blog but I felt like this was appropriate.  In the midst of the violence, the madness of a gun lobby that feels like having guns is more important than the lives of children, in the midst of ongoing racism and sexism, it’s important to be able to cry out for a better future.  This song is a lament and a desperate plea for alternative tomorrow to what we are seeing.  It’s not often that I burst into tears between takes but that’s this tune.  Dedicated to everyone struggling for justice and love in a world gone crazy.


It’s the

pain that invades every screen and every frame

It’s the

lamentations, no patience, all the sameness

it’s the

bloodied children, excuses all too familiar

it’s the

talking heads, Social timelines and how they fill them

Lord We are so broken, we are so broken


burned up burned out

When flame turns ashes, what now


We just want more than this

It’s not enough to fake the way to bliss

Don’t wanna be settling for hell

On heaven’s doorstep

We just want more than this

More than this


It’s Philando Castile, Erica Garner, Sandra Bland

It’s Standing Rock, Ferguson, Charlottesville, and stolen land

It’s Sandy Hook, Vegas, Columbine, Orlando

It’sthe hum of drones and missiles across half the globe

Lord We are so broken we are so broken


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