Piper Pipes Up #facepalm

In a world where we are trying to dismantle colonialism, white supremacy, sexism, poverty, and militarism, really wish that Piper and the “desiring God” crew would stop defending patriarchy and join us in working against systems of oppression. Of all the things to be “piping up” (see what I did there) about, getting all tied up in knots about growing gender equality seems a little dumb.

Handwringing about female seminary profs is at best incredibly sexist and at worst a diversionary tactic to distract from the church’s culpability in gendered oppression and coverups. (Check the #churchtoo hashtag on twitter. It’s heartbreaking)

I’m deeply thankful for the women who’ve taught me, preached to me, and have handed me my scholastic and spiritual behind on the regular.

I’m a better human for it.

One final thought:

shouldn’t “desiring God” mean desiring justice, desiring equity, desiring equality, desiring peace? #justsayin


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