let your Yes be Yes

This is a liturgical prayer I wrote riffing off of Matthew 5:37  Where Jesus says “Let your yes be yes and your no, no.”  It relates to our current cultural moment in which we are wrestling with the powers and principalities of patriarchy, white supremacy, sexual violence and ableism.  In the face of all of that, this is my prayer:

Let your “yes” be YES
more emphatic, more pronounced
YES to liberation
YES to gospel
YES to prophetic witness
YES to linking arms and walking with those oppressed
YES to the liturgy of protest
YES to those asking desperately to be believed
Let your “no” be NO
Loud, proud, unbowed
NO to white supremacy
NO to hate
NO to oppression
NO to patriarchy
NO to a watered-down, individualized, pre-packaged ready-grow gospel
that is little more than “self-help”
for them that have “helped themselves”
To what does not belong to them
YES to life
NO to the slow death
YES to depth
NO to the shallow shoals, inch-deep teen ballads
birthed in suburbanite beige
YES to equality, equity, common humanity

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